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International Law
Foreign Business Development
Franchise Agreements
Joint Ventures
US Customs Law
Tariff Classification
Customs Valuation
Country of Origin and Marking
Duty Reduction or Exemption
Duty Drawback
Seizures and Forfeitures
Fines and Penalties
Focused Assessment
Prior Disclosure
Antidumping and Countervailing Duties
Food and Drug Imports
International Trade Law
International Agreements
International Sales Agreements
International Transactions
Cross-Border Transactions
Foreign Business Development
Franchise Agreements
Joint Ventures
Foreign Investment
Intellectual Property DisputesNegotiation of ocean transport contracts, including bills of lading and charter   parties
Maritime Law
Major vessel casualties, cargo damage and personal injury
Insurance coverage disputes
Labor, employment and immigration issues
Customs matters
Environmental issues
Commercial disputes
Jones Act, Federal Maritime Lien Act and Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act matters
Shipbuilding and ship repair disputes